Queer Resources on the Net

It's a queer, queer internet. Here are some sites on the web that are worth looking at; some political organizations, some support sites, some everything, some funny. Take a look around. Have a link? Submit it, especially if it's youth-related.

green dotYouth Resource, a pretty polished zine for queer youth. It has monthly feature articles on issues relating to queer youth (they seem pretty willing to tackle hard issues); in addition, there's some solid basic info on trans issues, a resident advice columnist, a guide to getting political both within and outside of the government, artwork, message boards, even chat.

red dotGLSEN is dedicated to keeping the schools safe for queer folk. Their site has a lot of good information about dealing with bashings and schools that aren't okay with protecting queer youth. Particularly of interest is their guide for gay-straight alliances and queer youth clubs in high schools -- all kinds of good ideas for gsa's who are looking for something to do and, perhaps more important, what to do if your school decides it's not so okay to have a club that's gay there.

yellow dotRoad Map, a site mostly for MTF transfolk. The truly rad bit would be the information on transitioning young; while the info is slanted towards MTF, a lot of it would apply to ftm transitions as well.

purple dotthe HRC, one of the big national queer lobbying organizations. Their page is very activist oriented, with a lot of opportunities to write your local congressman and let them know what you think. Youth highlights include the coming out section and some of the HRC's youth activist training programs.

green dotElight, a huge zine for queer youth. Coming out stories, writing, poetry, artwork, youth personals, and everything in between. You just have to check it out.

red dotthe soc.support.transgendered faq. This has a bunch of basic information -- and beyond-basic information -- on transfolk and gender.

purple dotGaYouth.net, an ezine with a bunch of different sections. HIV/AIDS info, symbols, history, links, and a dictionary of terms found in the queer community. (And you can sign up for your own email address.)

yellow dotOasis, another ezine for queer youth. They have poetry,movie reviews and book reviews, news, and an archive of back issues.

green dotUnity Through Diversity, a site focusing on queer youth and school issues, along with LGBT issues. And they belong to just about any type of queer web ring you can think of!

red dotGay Teen Resources is an amazingly comprehensive site: queer entertainment and news updates/links, a listbot email list, a chatroom, hundreds of links, & a comic strip! You can also sign up for your personal email address!

purple dotDykes to Watch Out For is archived at this site at Planet Out. There are tons of strips here- check them out! You'll fall in love. . .

yellow dotBe! Magazine is an online not-for-profit written by and for LGBTQ youth and allies. Updated every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM (PST).

Gay and Lesbian Health Resources

Since health information is sometimes hard to find, here's a list of some self-explanatory links that you might find helpful:

red dotGay and Lesbian Medical Association

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association was founded in 1981 to help ensure equality in healthcare for the LGTB community. We offer an online directory of non-judgmental and culturally competent doctors, therapist, nurses, dentists and other providers that you can trust.

Learn more about our programs at: www.glma.org

Find our online provider directory at: www.glma.org/referrals

For more information, contact: info@glma.org, or 415-255-4547

yellow dotGay Men's Health Project

purple dotHIV and Hepatitis.com

green dotMautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer

red dotHepatitis B vaccine info for gay men

yellow dotHealth Concerns Among Gay Men

purple dotGay Men's Health Summit

green dotGLB Health Links

red dotHealth Care Info Resources: HIV/AIDS links

yellow dotHealth Care Info Resources: STD links

purple dotBecoming Nicotine Free

green dotGLBT Health- from King County, WA