People at Lambert House

There are a lot of people who make Lambert House possible. The youth, the volunteers, and the staff all work together to make Lambert House as comfortable and fabulous as it is.

purple dotYouth

Lambert House is made from the friendships that youth develop when they visit and participate in activities together. It is the primary reason LGBTQ youth come to Lambert House. Also, youth begin to further develop as people while in this supportive and friendly place.

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green dotVolunteers

Volunteers keep the house drop-in center and programs up and running. Volunteers not only help supervise, they often mentor and provide role models for the youth. We have the volunteers to thank for making sure we can provide a wide number of services to LGBTQ youth in such a cost effective manner.

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red dotStaff

The staff at Lambert House help keep the doors open and provide essential support to both youth and volunteers.

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yellow dotBoard of Directors

The Board of Directors assists with sustaining Lambert House and helps the Executive Director maintain quality of service.

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